New database: Business Insights Essentials


Find market shares, competitors, company history and much more


Use Business Insights: Essentials if you are looking for company or industry information. New features make it easy to identity competitors and draw comparisons across companies. Whereas Business Insights: Essentials contains the same data as its predecessor Business & Company Resource Centre, which it replaces, the design is more user-friendly.

Contents include:

  • corporate news
  • company history
  • market shares
  • SWOT matrices
  • investment reports
  • financial information
  • rankings
  • product information
  • industry associations.

Compare companies

Use Comparison Chart to draw comparisons between 2 or more companies or industries. Choose between the display modes table and diagram and download the result in a variety of formats depending on the task at hand.

Identify competitors

The Company Finder feature allows you to create lists of top competitors by industry or geography and to rank them according to turnover or number of employees. The lists can easily and swiftly be modified, filtered, and exported.

SWOT, market shares etcetera

Conduct focused searches for “SWOT reports”, "market share reports”, “company histories”, and much more using the advanced search function.

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