Login error message on Libsearch


See how you can log into Libsearch, renew your loans, and reserve books. Libsearch is not insecure, as the browsers report.


Recently, you receive an error message when trying to log into Libsearch. Libsearch is not insecure and you can safely continue the login process.

How to proceed from the error message in various browsers:

  • Safari: Login - Click: View information - Visit this site
  • Chrome: Login - Click: Advanced - Continue to pds.primo.kb.dk (uncertain)
  • Firefox: Login - Click: Advanced - Use the site anyway.

Our supplier and CBS 'IT department are working to solve the problem.
The page is NOT insecure, even if that is what it says, so nothing happens by continuing in the login process.

The page was last edited by: CBS Library // 09/08/2020