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How to make the most of CBS Library databases when searching for information about trends.


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Virtual or augmented reality is gaining popularity in the hospitality industry and there are lots of information on the topic.

The purpose of this short article is to show you how you can use different databases from the CBS Library website to find great insights into a specific trend.

Please click on the links in the text below to get the full experience. You will see the inside of very different databases and get an idea of the possibilities at hand.

Virtual or augmented reality as a trend example

Virtual or augmented reality is just an example we use to illustrate the possibilities. Try searching for your own topics once you have clicked your way through the list.

  • For a quick market overview, MarketLine reports are very handy.
  • Business Source Complete offers insights from trade publications and magazines as well as academic journals. If you want to weed out non-academic contents, simply check off “Scholarly journals” in the left-hand menu.
  • If instead, you want to tap into the research conversation (who cites whom), use Scopus, where results can be sorted by date, relevance or citation scores.
  • Statista dossiers and general searches will set you on track to statistics from a range of different sources. When visiting a statistics page, click the “source” section in the right-hand side of the screen to find out where the data originated.
  • Company and industry information is available through the Orbis database. Find company peer groups or use industry classification codes to identify companies in a specific industry. We cannot link deep into Orbis and recommend that you read our recent article Worldwide company data for insights on how to search Orbis.
  • For more advanced industry information, use Bloomberg or one of the other financial databases available through CBS Library.
  • One of the hidden gems in our treasure trove of databases is WARC (World Advertising Research Center). Use it if you want to look at trends from a marketing perspective. It contains case studies, research papers, statistical data, consumer behaviour, and much more.

CBS Librarians can point to other databases

Do not hesitate to come and talk with us at CBS Library Solbjerg Plads. We are happy to guide you to more good places to search.

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