Keep up with the latest research

Start monitoring the contents of scholarly journals


Keep up with the latest research by monitoring the contents of scholarly journals.

How do I monitor specific journals?

Subscribing to alerts is a convenient method of keeping track of content in journals of your choice. As a CBS student or member of staff you can subscribe to alerts services offered by the bulk of electronic journals held by the CBS Library. Receive alerts for new content from selected journals by e-mail or as RSS feeds.

Why should i bother?

  • You are preparing for an assignment in a new area of research
  • You anticipate potential criticism of your thesis
  • You are monitoring current developments in your field
  • General interest

How do I find relevant journals?

In order to find relevant journals try following any of these procedures:

  • Perform a keyword search in "Find Journals" to find journal titles containing your search term(s): e.g. the search term "brand" will return "Journal of Brand Management" and "Brand Strategy".

  • Browse the subject categories in "Find Journals".

  • Check where your key authors publish their research and which journals they cite.

How do I create an alert?

Most journal publishers or databases containing journal have some sort of alert functionality. Sometimes it is called alert, save search, monitor. You are welcome to ask for help at CBS Library.


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