How to find the texts on your curriculum lists


Learn how to read the references and find the literature much faster


Once you are able to recognize whether you are looking for a book, a chapter in a book or even an article from a journal, it is much faster for you to find the literature.

You need the information from the references in the curriculum list made by your teacher. You can find them through CBSLearn or at Academic Books. Here is a brief introduction to the characteristics of the different kinds of references.


A book reference usually contains the following information: Author, year of publication, title, place of publication, and publishing house.

Example: Heding, T., Knudtzen, C. F., & Bjerre, M. (2009). Brand management: Research, theory and practice. London: Routledge.

Find books through Libsearch


Chapter in a book

References to chapters in books are characterized by an In inserted into the reference. The author and title of the chapter are listed at the beginning of the reference whereas the editor and title of the book are given after "In".

Example: Iversen, M. J., & Arnold, A. (2008). Carlsberg : Regulation of the home market and international expansion. In S. Fellman, & M. J. Iversen (Eds.), Creating nordic capitalism: The business history of a competitive periphery (pp. 365-391). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Whenever you are looking for a chapter in a book you need to search for the book, not the chapter. Look up the title of the book using Libsearch


Article in a journal

A reference to a journal article is easily identifiable as it often contains information about volume, issue and page number, e.g. 21(6), 34-67. The title of the journal that contains the article is often rendered in italics.

Example: Hoegl, M., & Schulze, A. (2005). How to support knowledge creation in new product development: An investigation of knowledge management methods. European Management Journal, 23(3), 263-273.

Look up the journal title in Find journals


If in doubt, the librarian at Solbjerg Plads can help you. You can also send your question to the CBS Library chat.


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