Here's how to find curriculum literature

Having trouble finding texts from your curriculum lists? Here's how to decode the references and find the texts you have to read for class.


Marked references on a reading list

Photo: exampel of a curriculum list.

You have to read a bunch of texts for your next class. Some texts are articles, others are chapters in books. But how do you find them?

Here is how to decode a reference on your curriculum list and where to search for it and find it.
The list in the photo above contains a mix of references to journal articles and book chapters. To find the two types of articles, you need to know two different ways of searching.


Take a look at the reference marked in red

H. Ørnstrup (2000), Simmel, In H. Andersen & L.B. Kaspersen (eds.), Classical and Modern Social Theory, Blackwell, pp. 96-107

This is a chapter in a book.

How do I know…?

What gives it away is the “in” in the middle of the reference.

H. Andersen & L.B. Kaspersen edited a book called Classical and Modern Social Theory.

Another author, H. Ørnstrup, contributed with the chapter ”Simmel".

To find the chapter, you have to search for the book because chapters aren’t always searchable in Libsearch…

Here is what you do: go to Libsearch. Search for Classical and Modern Social Theory and add kaspersen to the search to narrow the number of results.

You’ll find the book in Libsearch.

Take a picture of the location number (in this case 300.00 cla) and go to CBS Library Solbjerg Plads and locate the book on the shelf.

Marked references on a reading list

Now look at the reference marked in green

Ch. Borch (2005), 'Urban Imitations - Tarde's Sociology Revisited' Theory Culture and Society - vol 22 no 3, pp. 81-100

This is an article in a journal.

Why? Because there isn’t an “in” in the reference.

The numbers after “Theory Culture and Society” refer to volume and issue and this means that it is a journal published continuously.

You can start your search for articles in Libsearch.

Search the article title (Urban Imitations Tarde's Sociology Revisited).

Be aware that not all articles in every magazine are visible and searchable in Libsearch.

What? Why? …it’s a long story, come talk with us if you need to know.

Luckily there is another option…

Go to Find journals (a list of all the +40.000 journals we subscribe to).

Paste the journal-title (Theory Culture and Society).

Find journals will tell you where you can access the journal. Go there and click your way through the years and volumes till you find the article you are looking for.


Where can I find curriculum lists?

CBS Library does not have the syllabus lists for the individual programmes. Instead, log in to CBS Canvas and choose your subject. If you do not have access to CBS canvas yet, you can check the bookstore's website however it mainly contains books and compendiums.

Curriculum books in the Course Collection

Most books on the syllabus are also placed in the Course Collection at CBS Library Solbjerg Plads. That way, there is usually a copy available for reading while you are at the library.
Search for the book in Libsearch to get a location number. Articles from journals are not part of the Course Collection.


Photo of the Course Collection ground floor at CBS Library Solbjerg Plads.

Ask us!

If in doubt, the librarians at Solbjerg Plads can help. You can also send your question by mail or chat: Contact the library.

OMG! I need to know more about references

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