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It's International Open Access Week from 19 to 23 October! Across the world, free access to research articles is celebrated this week. Research open to everyone. See what CBS researches have published as open access and get two tools that help you find free articles.


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Image: Sara Thompson (CC BY-SA 2.0)

It’s International Open Access Week from 19 to 23 October! The term ‘Open Access’ refers to research publications that are online available for anyone without any cost. Open Access means that people from all over the world can get free access to otherwise expensive journal articles.

CBS researchers also publish Open Access; see CBS’ Open Access articles here. Or take a look at CBS’ Open Access Policy.

CBS Library provides access to many research articles. But you might experience ‘hitting a paywall’ (finding an article you want to read, but it costs money to access) without access through CBS Library.

We recommend that you try out these Open Access tools: Unpaywall and Open Access Button. They will search for free, legal versions of the articles you are looking for.

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