Emerging markets database: EMIS

An exciting and substantial database for those working with emerging markets, whether it's markets, politics or companies.



EMIS professional contains financial statements, company information, industry analysis, macroeconomic statistics, news and market-specific information.

EMIS professional focus is the so-called new markets; emerging economies. It covers a large number of countries in Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Middle East.

Industries and market shares

Industry reports part of the "Industries" tab. Initially, you search across all countries in the database, but you can also choose to restrict to one or more specific countries.

There are a number of "tools" in this section e.g. benchmark indicators or company rankings. The tools can supply you with an overview of a specific industry in a country and a list of companies operating in the specific industry and the distribution of market shares.

News about companies in emerging markets

EMIS professional's employees worldwide deliver reports and analysis. In addition, they add news and articles from more than 20,000 local and global publications.

Two different ways to find news articles about companies:

  1. Select the “Companies” tab and then the “News” feature and choose between Latest News / News by Topic / M&A New - Search for the company in the small search box "search within news"
  2. Select the “Companies” tab and then locate the company by searching the name. Once you find a particular company, it is possible to find news stories through the News tab.

Country information

EMIS is a great source of information about countries. You can find macroeconomic key figures, forecasts, country reports from publishers like Dun & Bradstreet, EIU, Oxford Economics and more. With the Cross-Country Comparison Tool, you can compare several countries to a wide range of parameters such as growth, consumer price index, FDI and Equity Market Index, etc.

Risk analysis

EMIS also provides you with risk analysis reports from, among others, Dun & Bradstreet. The risk analysis gives you a thorough insight into the economic, political and not least business situation in a given country.

The reports contain information about the following:

  • Short-Term Economic Outlook
  • Long-Term Economic Potential
  • Market Potential
  • FX Risk
  • Transfer Risk
  • Business Regulatory Environment
  • Business Continuity
  • Political / Insecurity Risk
  • Expropriation / Nationalisation Risk

M&A and ECM in emerging markets

Under the "Company" tab you get access to news about business deals, equity charts and a "deal" database. In the Deal database, you can tailor your searches and find information about who has bought or sold what, where and when. It is possible to search for M&A (mergers & acquisitions) as well as ECM (Equity Capital Market).

The advisers in various trades are searchable in LeagueBoard and you can get a rating based on the number of trades and their value.
Explore the other exciting features if you work with these subjects in emerging markets in your studies.

Foreign Investment (FDI)

If you want to know more about FDI in the new markets, EMIS can also provide information. Start by selecting country and then search for FDI.

Watch video from EMIS - select "For research"

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