Elections in Sweden

The Swedes are voting this Sunday but how well do you know our neighbours? Find out where to search for information about Sweden and the Swedes.


Swedish flag

Sunday 9 September the Swedes are going to the polls to return a new parliament “Riksdagen”. According to the media, this election will be particularly interesting due to the rise and projected succes of right-wing parties. If you want to know more about our neighbouring country, we suggest that you check out the following sources.

Newspaper articles:

Library PressDisplay
International, including Swedish, newspapers eg. Svenska Dagbladet & Göteborg Posten.

Val 2018 – Senasta nyheterne (in Swedish)
Swedish election news site 

Find information about Sweden’s economic and political situation about the upcoming elections:

EIU Country reports & profiles
Search for Sweden and read about economic and political issues.

OECD – Economic Surveys
Survey about Sweden and the Swedish economy.

World Bank Data
Browse Sweden and find key indicators, including GPD, CO2 emission, population stats, etc. 

Riksdagen (The Swedish Parliament)
Learn more about the ”riksdagen”, the political parties, and watch the latest debates.

Valmyndigheten (The Election Authorities)
Find out how the Swedish electoral system works.


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