Database: Taylor & Francis Online - a face-lift for an old friend

Discover the new Taylor & Francis Online article interface.


Database: Talylor & Francis

Discover the new Taylor & Francis Online article interface.

Although the search option is not exactly cutting-edge, the features connected with individual documents are quite sophisticated.

For someone happy with on-screen reading, the HTML full-text option offers a variety of features that will enhance both the reading and the research experience.

Click a reference to launch a pop-up with all source information. A selection of tabs at the head of the article offer a range of options, including a complete reference list and citations, hyperlinked when possible, a “Figures and data” tab, that allows you to download CSV files and Power-Point slides of figures and data appearing in the document. A metrics feature helps you understand how people engage with the document, not only through citations in other research papers but also on social media and blogs, and in newspapers.

Try to search for articles and discover the new possibilities.

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