Database: EMIS Professional

An amazing source on emerging markets containing industry analysis, company profiles, macroeconomic statistics and business news etc.


Emerging markets markeret på verdenskort

EMIS Professional was formerly known as “ISI Emerging Markets” and this name in a way gives you a good sense of the contents of this database. In it you will find a lot of information about emerging markets, including full-text business news, company and financial information (corporate profiles, financial statements, and earnings estimates), industry and analyst reports, macroeconomic statistics and forecasts, and much more.

Information on more than 140 non-Western countries

EMIS Professional covers more than 140 countries (from the non-Western world) and collects information from more than 16,000 sources in 15 different languages. You have access to data 10 years back in time. Coverage, however, varies across sources.

The contents are organized in modules:

  • Macroeconomic: integrates macroeconomic and financial data, forecast, country risk ratings, as well as latest news and reports on countries

  • Companies: access to information about companies from more than 90 different countries

  • Industries: access to reports and news about industries classified by the NAICS industry classification code system

  • News: access to news sources in 15 languages from nearly 100 countries

  • Dealwatch: provides information about deals -- deal news, deal forecasts and reports within M&A (mergers & acquisitions) and ECM (equity capital markets)

  • Reports: a short cut to in-depth reports on industries and companies and analytical contents on the emerging markets

  • Sources: a short cut to filtering sources using different criteria, including regions and countries, source type, publication type, and language

Limit your search

It is possible to do a search of all the sources and all countries at the same time, but because of the sheer number of sources it is recommended that you limit your search to specific sources or countries.

Click to access EMIS Professional. Available both on and off campus. Off-campus access requires you to log in using your CBS credentials.


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