Database: EIU Country Reports

EIU Country Reports offers an up-to-date and structured bird´s-eye view of the financial and political conditions of all recognized countries across the world.


Skærmbillede fra EIU

Picture: EIU screenshot. Search: Argentina

EIU Country Reports outlines the financial and political realities of all recognized countries across the globe. EIU Country Reports is published by Economist Intelligence Unit, an Economist affiliate.

In addition to daily updates on key events and forecasts the database also comprises monthly country reports.

CBS Library offers access to the Summary, Politics, Economy, as well as Reports services.


The Summary section offers a snapshot view, e.g. highlights and basic facts about the country, including political system, key government officers, elections etc.


If you select Forecast from the drop-down you will be presented with articles, including news, about political stability, elections, and international relations.


This section contains key financial data as well as information about fiscal and financial policies, growth, inflation etc.


Find current country reports in the Reports menu. If you are looking for historical data you can download old reports from the archive available from the previous EIU website.

CBS Library does not offer access to the Risk, Business, and Industry services. All contents tagged with a diamond is not available through the CBS Library license.

EIU is available both on and off campus. Off-campus access requires you to log in using your CBS credentials.

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