Consumer trends and future research

What is hot? What is going to get hot? CBS Library provides access to several databases and journals that deliver trend analysis reports and future research.


Unge kvinder griner sammen

36% purchase snacks away-from-home three or more times per week, 49% like to be distinct from others, and single-person households will grow the fastest through 2030 [Passport, Megatrends 2017].

Consumer Trends

Buying time, personalisation, or changing family dynamics are just some of the megatrends you can read about in the database Passport by Euromonitor. It has a whole section on Megatrends divided into different categories such as "Shifting Market Frontiers", "Ethical Living", "Connected Consumers".

On the start page of Passport there is a short cut to their section on Megatrends. You can also do a simple search on “Megatrends 2017” in the upper right hand search field and reach a clickable graphic overview of trends. This is where the trends mentioned above comes from. Or you can just search for trends in the search box. This will provide you with a list of interesting trend reports such as ”Eight Pet Care Trends for 2018” til ”Alcoholic Drinks: 7 trends for 2018”! Passport mainly focuses on fast moving consumer goods and contains much more than trend reports.

World Advertising Resource Center (WARC) is an advertising, branding, marketing, and consumer knowledge hub. It´s section on trends provides both reports from Euromonitor, with data that is not available through the Passport academic subscription, and from other providers as well. Some of the latest reports have titles like The Social ”clean-up”, Consumer Health and Consumer Income to 2030. Additional to trend analysis WARC also contains articles and cases about topics concerning advertising and marketing of consumer goods, knowledge about consumer types and a bit of B2B.

Future research

The Danish publications on future research “Tid & Tendenser” (marketing and consumers) and “Scenario” (more general) and their web content are available at CBS Library Solbjerg Plads. The websites requires login information. Ask the librarians to help you login.

The international journal "Futures" also publishes future analysis and scenarios. Some of the latest articles from Futures are: "European Union in the World 2025 – Scenarios for the EU relationships with neighbours and strategic partners" or "Taking the fiction out of science fiction: (Self-aware) robots and what they mean for society, retailers and marketers."
Futures is available to CBS students and staff both on and off campus. Other library users can search and read the journal at CBS Library Solbjerg Plads.

Links to databases and journals

Link to Passport
Link to World Advertising Resource Center
Link to Tid & Tendenser (Visit CBS Library)
Link to Scenario (Visit CBS Library)
Link to Futures

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