Become an expert at searching

This fall semester we offer 4 different courses. Choose to upgrade yourself on finding industry, market and company information, advanced search for literature or how to avoid plagiarism.


En hånd skriver Research

This semester CBS Library will host a string of mini courses aimed at optimizing your information skills. All courses are scheduled to take 45 minutes and registration is not necessary. Below you will find a summary of all upcoming courses.

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Finding market and industry reports

A hands-on introduction to the types of reports available, including market and industry information. Find out about some of the best databases we offer and learn useful search techniques.

Finding company information

An introduction to types of company information available, including financial statements, company profiles, share price and other data. Find out about some of the best databases we offer and learn useful search techniques. 

Finding academic literature

We will introduce you to effective search for the literature you need for strengthening your argumentation in your assignments. We will have a look at both the library catalog, the e-books and the large databases of academic articles that the library provides.

How to use other people´s works in an ethical way - avoid plagiarism

Are you struggling with you references and do you want a basic introduction to or perhaps just a brush-up on how to use other people´s works, thoughts and ideas in a correct and ethical way? Then this is the place to be!

We will go through the basic rules of referencing, discuss key issues, and briefly discuss how you can make the most of reference management systems such as RefWorks and Mendeley.

Please note: This is not a Refworks or Mendeley course. Please visit our course calendar to find these.

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