A free reference management tool that makes collecting, organizing, and sharing of references easy. Optimized for Mozilla Firefox.

Zotero functions

Zotero is a web-based reference management tool that allows you to collect and save references to articles, books, websides, etc. in your personal database. In this way you can always stay on top of the literature that you use in your research and assignments.

Zotero is compatible with both Microsoft Word and OpenOffice through a plugin software and will help you create correct in-text citations and complete bibliographies in your document.

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Download Zotero - Zotero is optimized for Mozilla Firefox but also works with other browsers as stand-alone.
Download plug-in - works with Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.

Hints from the librarian 

Check out the Zotero documentation and user forums to learn more about how the the system works.
Works on both Macs and PCs


Zotero facts

Provider  Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media




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