Westlaw UK

Extensive collection of legal information pertaining to the United Kingdom

Westlaw UK

Extensive collection of legal information pertaining to the United Kingdom

Westlaw UK contents

Legislation: Westlaw UK contains the fully consolidated full-text version of Acts since 1267 and Statutory Instruments since 1948

Cases: access to more than 400,000 case reports and transcripts dating back to 1220. Sources include The Law Reports, Weekly Law Reports, The English Reports, Industrial Cases Reports, and Business Law Reports. A Case Analysis document provides you with a digest of a case (including information about where the case was reported, the appellate history and status, related cases etc.) and with hyperlinks to a list of cited cases, legislation, and relevant journal articles.

Books: our subscription provides access to a selection of European Lawyer Reference Series titles. Here you will find cross-jurisdictional information on more than 20 practice areas (topics), from Administrative law to Taxation Law. The database allows you to browse by Jurisdiction (country) or by Practice Area (topic).
Access to 150 Sweet & Maxwell titles.

Journals: access to about 115 full-text journals (from publishers such as Sweet & Maxwell and Cambridge University Press) and abstracts from another 800 journals via the Legal Journals Index (LJI).

EU: the information is divided into 6 broad categories: primary legislation (treaties) from 1951, secondary legislation (regulations, directives, decisions, recommendations, opinions (non-binding) as published in the Official Journal L Series) from 1952, preparatory documents from 1974, parliamentary questions from 1992, case law from 1954, and information and notices and non-binding acts of the Council etc. as published daily in the Official Journals C Series.

Insight: an online legal encyclopedia that provides a comprehensive, topic-based presentation of UK law.

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