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Statistical data on Danish society, foreign trade and industry.

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The statbank is a free online tool. Sign up for an account to save data extractions and files in your personal folder.

Statistics Denmark is the official Danish statistical agency. Data is divided into the following categories:

  • Population and elections
  • Living conditions
  • Education and knowledge
  • Culture and National Church
  • Labour, earnings and income
  • Prices and consumption
  • National accounts and government finances
  • Geography, environment and energy
  • External trade and balance of payments
  • Business sector in general
  • Business sectors
  • Other

Each category is divided into sub-sections. For instance, Sales of real property resides under Prices and consumption.

Hints from the librarian 

Don't forget to credit Statistics Denmark statbank whenever you use their statistical data.

Statbank video tutorials
How to extract data from the statbank and related videos. Learn how to make the most of system features.

Formats og downloads
The database allows for exports into 7 formats.

The most widely used formats are:

  • Excel format: XLS files: file name ex.: fil1.htm
  • PC-AXIS format: PX files: file name ex.: fil1.px

PX-AXIS is the preferred format if you want to save a table as it allows for further data processing and export til Excel.

PC-AXIS is available from LRC at Solbjerg Plads.
You can also download PC-AXIS from the Statistics Denmark website. Learn more in the Help menu.

Statistics Denmark - statbank facts

Period Depends on data set
Geography Denmark
Provider Danmarks Statistik




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