Company database comprising information about more than 90,000 public listed, major unlisted and delisted companies worldwide, including 150 Danish companies.

OSIRIS contents

OSIRIS is a fully integrated public companies database with financial information on more than 90,000 listed and major unlisted/delisted companies worldwide.
Data include:

  • Financial information. The system operates up to a 30-year window for the listed companies. Banks and insurance companies are in specific formats. Other formats include: global standard, global detailed, spreadsheet, and more
  • Cash flow statements
  • Stock data. Security and price information, current and annual stock data, current and annual stock valuation, monthly (10 years back), weekly (two years back) and daily (two years back) pricing series
  • Earnings estimates
  • Segment data: Business and Geographic segments (up to 30 years back)
  • News & Deals. News and M&A stories from Dow Jones and more. Current and historical deal information and rumours from the Zephyr database
  • Directors, managers and advisors. OSIRIS compiles information on individuals associated to companies, including senior management, directors, general management and advisors.
  • Original documents. Access to PDFs of Annual Reports, Interim Reports, Corporate Responsibility Documents and Edgar SEC documents going back to 1999.
Hints from the librarian 

Searching and downloading the data

  • You can search the database using a combination of hundreds of criteria such as location, industry, financial data and stock data
  • Flexible reporting. You can create reports by choosing specific sections to include.
  • Analyze. You can analyze companies using the financials and ratios in the company report, or you can create your own report
  • Export. You can export the data to Excel

Osiris is also available via the database WRDS.

In the menu “?Help” you will find information about coverage, content and navigation

Facts om OSIRIS

Coverage More than 90,000 companies
Period Data going more than 30 years back
Geography Worldwide
Provider Bureau van Dijk




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