Online dictionary incorporating Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, Gyldendals Store Ordbøger, Økonomisk Ordbog as well as the following Danish bilingual dictionaries: English, Spanish, German, French, Swedish.

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The grammar section contains information on punctuation and spelling.


Ordbog.gyldendal.dk contents

Access to online editions of Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, Gyldendals Store Ordbøger, Økonomisk Ordbog, and various specialized dictionaries (law and medicine) as well as a dictionary of technical terms containing 400 000+ terms. The online dictionary also contains pronunciation sound bits of 50 000 terms.

The English section incorporates:

  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, Danish-English
  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, English-Danish
  • Gyldendals Vinterberg & Bodelsen, Danish-English
  • Gyldendals Kjærulff Nielsen, English-Danish
  • Gyldendals Fag- og teknikordbog, Danish-English (technical)
  • Gyldendals Fag- og teknikordbog, English-Danish (technical)
  • Gyldendals Medicinsk/Odontologisk Ordbog, Danish-English (medicine/dentistry)
  • Gyldendals Medicinsk/Odontologisk Ordbog, English-Danish (medicine/dentistry)
  • Gyldendals Juridisk Ordbog, Danish-English (law)
  • Gyldendals Juridisk Ordbog, English-Danish (law)

The German section incorporates:

  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, Danish-German
  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, German-Danish
  • Gyldendals Store Ordbog, Danish-German (formerly Munksgaard)
  • Gyldendals Store Ordbog, German-Danish (formerly Munksgaard)
  • Gyldendals Juridisk Ordbog, Danish-German
  • Gyldendals Juridisk Ordbog, German-Danish

The French section incorporates:

  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger,Danish-French
  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, French-Danish

The Spanish section incorporates:

  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, Danish-Spanish
  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, Spanish-Danish

The Swedish section incorporates:

  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, Danish-Swedish
  • Gyldendals Røde Ordbøger, Swedish-Danish

The Danish section incorporates:

  • Gyldendals Retskrivningsordbog (dictionary of spelling)
  • Dansk Fremmedordbog (dictionary of foreign words)
  • Synonymordbog (dictionary of synonyms)
  • Økonomisk ordbog Danish-English/English-Danish (economics dictionary)

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