NVivo helps you analyse qualitative data using a range of search and visualisation tools.

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NVivo is a software that allows for extensive and systematic analysis of qualitative data. Software features include word count analyses based on prose texts, interviews, social media etc. and it supports a wide range of formats, including audio, video, digital photography, MS Word, PDF, and Excel.

NVivo is available to both CBS students and staff.     

Please note, NVivo is optimized for Windows, which means that not all features are available for MAC. Workarounds are possible in most cases, however.              

Hints from the librarian 

The Nvivo software may not be used for paid research, commissioned reports, administration, and anything else that involves a supplier / customer relationship.

To create a NVivo account, please send an e-mail to nvivo@cbs.dk and write "NVivo licens request" in the subject field. Only requests sent from CBS e-mail accounts will be approved.

Check out the CBS Library course calendar to sign up for an NVivo workshop  

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