MSCI ESG Direct measures the social, environmental, and governance performance of nearly 9,000 corporations, 8,000 of those with current ESG score and reports.


MSCI ESG Direct measures the social, environmental, and governance performance of nearly 9,000 corporations, 8,000 of those with current ESG score and reports.

MSCI ESG Direct contents

MSCI’s ESG Direct is an online research platform for evaluating environmental, social and governance (ESG) data, content and analysis at the company, industry and thematic report level.

Key takeaways:

  • Current ESG score for 8,000 companies
  • Background reports on companies; Issuer Summary, ESG Ratings Tearsheet (short summary), ESG Ratings Report (full report), Industry Report
  • Thematic reports on trends and current issues in ESG
  • Limit the search by Country, Industry, and ESG rating. Or to a company.

All company, industry and thematic reports can be accessed in PDF format and/or through a data screener, which allows for export to Excel, TAB, or CSV files.


Hints from the librarian 

MSCI ESG Direct is organized into two main tabs: 1/ Companies and 2/ Reports and Publications.

The Companies tab is where you find companies in the MSCI ESG Research coverage universe and the research content published for these companies. On this page you are able to download company reports, export data to MS EXCEL, search for companies with specific ESG Ratings, or search for companies in specific countries or industries.

Overview of Company Search page

  1. Company Search Box: Simply type in a company name or a portion of the name and click search to return a matching list of results on the screen.
  2. Ticker: By default, the ticker search will do an exact match.
  3. Company Filters: Using Company Filters you can find specific combinations of companies in order to download ESG reports or export data to MS EXCEL. To find companies, simply select options in any of the categories and the companies list will reload to match your selection.
    1. Country: Country of domicile. To select multiple countries, simply click on the additional countries you want to filter after you have selected the first (CTRL key + Click on additional countries).
    2. ESG Ratings Industry: Defined by the GICS sub-industries which are grouped to form reasonable peer sets wherein companies face relatively similar key ESG issues. To select multiple ESG Ratings Industries, simply click on the additional industries you want to filter on after you have selected the first.
    3. ESG Rating: A company’s final ESG Ratings. To arrive at a final letter rating, the weighted average of the key issue scores are aggregated and companies are ranked from best (AAA) to worst (CCC).

The Reports and Publications page is where reports and publications are located and available for download. The reports are divided into six categories: Green Bond Index Note, Industry, Methodology, Thematic, and Other.

Overview of Reports & Publications page

  1. Report Name Box: Simply type the report name or a partial name and click the search button. A matching list of report names will appear.
  2. Report Type: Click on the Check box next to a Report Type to retrieve all of the reports for that Report type.
  3. Report Name: Click on a Report Name to download that Report. The Report date represents the publication date of the report.

More info on GICS® (The Global Industry Classification Standard)

GICS consists of 11 Sectors aggregated from 24 Industry Groups, 69 Industries, and 158 Sub-Industries.
Please visit this site for more information on GICS®.


MSCI ESG Direct facts

Coverage Approx. 9.000 corporations, 8.000 with score
Period Only current data
Geographic coverage Global
Provider MSCI


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