Danish TV, radio, and commercial streaming service. Also access to older versions of Danish newspapers. Off-campus access via WAYF

Mediestream contents

Mediestream is a streaming service that covers Danish TV and radio channels from 2005-present as well as commercials from 1954-2005. Also access to older versions of Danish newspapers.

The service covers not only individual broadcasts but the entire range of programmes from DR1, DR2, TV2, TV2 News, P1, P3, and P4.

Mediestream allows you to search across TV, radio and commercial materials or undertake deep-dive research into just one collection.

Mediestream contents cover a wide range of radio and TV broadcasts of educational relevance, including background, society, debate, education, and culture.

This makes Mediestream relevant for media and communication, social science, rhetoric, theology, marketing and advertising as well as Danish language studies and research.

List of TV channels and coverage.

List of radio channels and coverage.

List of newspapers and coverage.

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Mediestream facts

Coverage Commercials 1954-2005
Radio and TV broadcasts 2005-present
Geography Denmark
Provider Statsbiblioteket



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