MarketLine is terminated - use GlobalData

Information about industries, consumer goods, countries, and companies.

MarketLine is terminated - use GlobalData

Information about industries, consumer goods, countries, and companies.

MarketLine contents

Industry profile
Reports on global, national, and regional industries, business sectors, and consumer goods. The reports contain both historical (past 5 years) and projection (next 5 years) data, including statistics.

Country profile
Information about 110 countries, including basic data, financial and political news and analyses, as well as macroeconomic, demographic, and social data. Statistics cover the last 5-10 years as well as projections.

Company profile
Information about the 33.000 largest companies worldwide, both public and private, including basic data, descriptions of organisations and operations, histories, management biographies, industry affiliations and products, main competitors, as well as financial data and analyses. SWOT analyses are available for the largest companies.

Statistical databases

  • Country statistics
    Current and historical data on 217 countries and 46 political/geographical areas, including financial, political, demographic, and social indicators as well as information about education, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, tourism, consumption etc.
  • Market data analytics
    Market data and projections (consumption, market and brand shares etc.) for 150 categories of consumer goods, including drinks, food, household appliances, and personal care, across 64 countries/ regions since 1999.

Company financial analysis tools
This analysis tool consists of four different databases covering more than 400.000 companies worldwide.

  • Financial Deals Tracker: a database of global information on mergers and acquisitions (M&A), private equity, venture finance, and private placement transactions, IPOs, and partnerships across various industries.
  • Company Report Generator: this database enables you to generate comprehensive “all-in-one” company reports featuring analytical text and charts on-demand. You can select datasets including company overview, history, SWOT analysis, M&A, partnerships and agreements, news and product information.
  • Company Prospector: in this database you can generate lists of companies within different industries and countries. And you can perform competitor & vendor analytics on targeted industry and geography.
  • Investment & Advisory Prospector: in this database you can find advisory & investment firms operating in specific industries.
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