Market and industry information from Eksportrådet

Information on markets by The Danish Trade Council.

Trade Council website contents

Access to all Trade Council publications, including lists of subsidiary companies, sector (industry) analyses, newsletters, etc.  For registered users most publications can be downloaded for free.

Contains market information as well as trade news and articles covering some 60 countries.

Market information

Access to information about 60 primary export markets. Includes information about trading environment and opportunities as well as lists of subsidiaries.

In addition to market profiles the website offers access to industry (sectorial) analyses and news. Industries are divided into 7 categories: architecture and construction; foodstuffs and agriculture; machinery and sub-supplies; IT, communication, and electronics; energy and environment; furniture, fashion, and design; health

News and publications

In the news and publications section you will find a miscellany of Trade Council publications, including Exportfokus, Focus Denmark and Verden Venter.

The section Markeder contains export figures, information about customs and trade barriers as well as Trade Council offices abroad.

Eksportrådet website facts

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