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HS Talks - Business and Management Collection comprises more than 900 videos and cases in a wide host of research areas, including strategy, management, finance, accounting, marketing, sales, and technology

HS Talks Contents

Lecture casts, seminars, and case studies in Business & Management. More than 850 editors and speakers recruited from among distinguished scholars and business figures from universities and business communities around the world.

Topics covered by the Business & Management Collection include:

  • Finance, Accounting & Economy
  • Global Business Management
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Strategy
  • Technology & Operations

For each category, you can browse talks, series (introductions to as well as collections of talks on a specific topic), and experts associated with the category.

Hints from the librarian 

Use free text to search talks, cases, editors, speakers, series, and topics in specific categories or across categories.
Filter your query by format, duration, availability, publication date, or subtitles. Check out the Quick Start Guide for more information. 

You can also create video leads in MS Word, CBSLearn, etc.

When watching a video, you can navigate via the right-hand menu. In this way, you can skip to a selected slide, print a PDF table of contents, find related videos, and find out how to reference the video in the style of your choice. 

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