Bank Focus

Name change from Bankscope to Bank Focus. Information on worldwide banking and financial institutions. The database comprises more than 40.000 banks.

Bank Focus contents

Bank Focus is a database of banks worldwide. The information is sourced by Bureau van Dijk from a combination of annual reports, information providers and regulatory sources. Bureau van Dijk is now part of Moody’s Analytics Company

Bank Focus offers detailed, standardized reports and ratios for over 44,000 banks across the globe (28,000 US and 16,000 non-US).

Some of the features in Bank Focus:

  • Access to very detailed information on individual banks
  • Create benchmarking analyses comparing a bank against its peers
  • Search by hundreds of criteria
  • Illustrate financials with an easy-to create graphs
  • Get a quick view of a bank's financial status and exposure
  • Look at a bank's corporate structure in a tree diagram and find all companies with the same parent
  • Detailed accounts and preliminary data
  • Bank and Country ratings (from Moody’s, Fitch, Standard & Poor’s and EIU)
  • Stock data
  • CEOs and contacts
  • Ownership data
  • Subsidiaries etc.

Credit ratings:
Access to current and historical credit ratings by Moody’s & Standard & Poor’s. Rating data are non-exportable but available on-screen and can be used as search and analysis criteria. 

US banks have up to 20 years of financial data. Non-US banks will have up to 7 years of history for listed banks and 3 years for unlisted banks.

You can access Bank Focus through the following two databases:

Bank Focus
A database with a more traditional configuration and user-friendly interface. In this database you can export data to Excel.

Bank Focus is also part of the WRDS portfolio of resources and databases. WRDS provides researchers worldwide with instant access to financial, economic, and marketing data through a uniform, web-based interface.
In WRDS you can export data to a variety of output formats. You can e.g. choose text and excel formats and formats to statistical software such as SAS, STATA, SPSS, and R

Hints from the librarian 

You can find detailed information in the User Guide provided by Bank Focus.


Bank Focus facts

Coverage 44.000 banks
Period Up to 20 years (US banks) and up to 7 years (non-US banks)
Geography The world
Provider Bureau van Dijk (part of Moody’s Analytics Company)




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The database is available on CBS campus and through remote access.
Only CBS students and staff have access through remote access.