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Cabells Journal Blacklist

Cabells Journal Blacklist is a directory of approximately 13.000 journals without qualified peer review - also known as "predatory journals".
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CBS Research Portal

Copenhagen Business School research database. Provides an overview of CBS research and communication activities from 1999 - present. The database also contains student theses from 2009-present.
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The Chronicle of Philanthropy

This magazine and resource center is relevant if you work in the field of fund-raising, grant-seeking, charities, or non-profit organisations. They provide reports on giving trends and insights into donor behavior. Apart from current articles they provide online practical resources. It has an American focus.
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Database of more than 24 million images, illustrations, and videos. CBS students and staff may download up to 30 images each per month for educational use. To download images, you need to create an account with Colourbox. Use the license keys on or CBSshare.
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The official Danish business register. CVR contains annual reports, information about people involved in business, and information about ownership.
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