Transformational Initiatives

Entrepreneurship and innovation, CBS’ Programme Portfolio and collaboration with the business community and society are the new transformational initiatives in the CBS Strategy 2017-2020.


Entrepreneurship and innovation
CBS aims to position itself in – and contribute to – the entrepreneurial development in Denmark and Europe through a combination of both theoretical and practical training in entrepreneurship and innovation, approved research in the area in question, a strong working relationship with national and international stakeholders as well as well-organised and practical conditions for business start-ups.

CBS aims to give all students – regardless of which fields of studies they choose – an entrepreneurial and innovative mindset and the relevant skills that they can use and benefit from in their future career.

CBS’ Programme Portfolio
It is CBS’ goal to develop the students so that they can harness their full potential, to educate students to take responsibility for society and to develop future employees, entrepreneurs and business leaders. CBS’ programmes must live up to the highest international standards and be practical. Our ambition for our programme portfolio is partly that all courses must have a welldefined business administration basis and partly that we can create better transparency for students to make it easier for them to find out which master programmes they are entitled to take and to make the professional skills of a CBS graduate clearer for external stakeholders.

Collaboration with the business community  and society
Through dialogue and cooperation with the private sector and the public sector, CBS will contribute to positive developments in society.

The development of research and education at CBS calls for systematic and persistent cooperation with relevant public-sector and private stakeholders. Research and education should form the basis for cooperation and partnerships with the surrounding world. One of CBS’ aims is to be a leader in lifelong learning and to establish relationships on which to base large research collaborations and lasting cooperation agreements.

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