Tax and inequality – platform researcher Yvette Lind awarded internationally


Yvette Lind, Assistant Professor in tax law, Jur.dr. and member of the CBS research platforms for both inequality and diversity, has been selected for the TaxCOOP 35 Leaders of the Future excellence list this year. The award is given for her strong contribution to the discussion on taxation and democracy in times of climate crisis and COVID19.


The award highlights Lind’s research contribution and places her significantly within the international tax community.

Yvette Lind herself describes her current research like this:
'My research primarily concerns how inequality within the international tax regime is influenced, and exacerbated, by external factors such as globalization, the climate crisis and COVID-19. At the moment I focus on the idea of taxation and democracy and explore how increased global mobility has aggravated social economic and political inequality between the poor and the affluent - which very efficiently has been underlined by Thomas Piketty.'
I am additionally involved in several side projects such as editing a special issue concerning inequality between developing and developed states in the Nordic Journal on Law and Society. The special issue includes authors from Latin America, Europe and North America.'

Laureates will be honoured by Canada’s Revenue Minister, Diane Lebouthillier, during TaxCOOP2020 – World Tax Summit, that will take place mid-October.
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