Business-foundations support refugee camps - how to understand this?

Two large Danish business foundations announces million support to Danish and international refugee camps - this is a new tendency, says Professor at Copenhagen Business School, Karin Buhmann, to the Danish national radio and the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten today.


When the two business foundations Lego and Novo Nordisk now announces million support to both Danish and international refugee camps, it is a new tendency, says Karin Buhmann, Professor at Copenhagen Business School and member of the two research platforms Inequality and Diversity and Difference at the same university. The business foundations start acting politically, just as we have seen it in the US where more companies started investing in sustainable projects after Trump stepped down from the Paris agreement, she explains.

'In Denmark we have a state that no longer acts like the humanistic superpower it used to be or at least had as its reputation. And then some business foundations announces: 'Here we have a documented need for action - we have the possibility and we will step in' - says Karin Buhmann, who underlines that it is not necessarily all about profit as the foundations are not their companies.

Read the article in the Danish newspaper Jyllandsposten here.

Also, listen to Karin Buhmann, on the national Danish radio on the same subject.

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