The Roskilde Festival supports the CBS developed concept 'GenderLAB'


KVINFO and CBS have developed the concept GenderLAB together, using innovation and design thinking to meet the challenges within diversity, gender equality and the perception of gender. This is now supported by the Roskilde Festival, who has already been using the new tool in its necessary and ambitious work within this field.


"Congratulations. Thank you for making a difference."
Says the Association Roskilde Festival who just donated 200.000 kroner to GenderLAB. KVINFO's new concept using innovation and design thinking to meet challenges in gender equality, diversity and gender perception.

"We are very happy with the donation and thankful to Roskilde Festival, being one of the largest players in Danish culture and at the same time a solid entrepreneur in the field of diversity", says head of KVINFO, Henriette Laursen. GenderLAB is a new and innovative tool to promote gender equality and diversity, for instance at work spaces, in recruting or in cases of sexual harassment.

Cooperation with Copenhagen Business School and the research platform Diversity and Difference
KVINFO has developed the GenderLAB concept together with Copenhagen Business School's Diversity and Difference Platform to secure that the concept is research based, just as the design thinking approach is a
CBS-contribution. GenderLAB was launched at the CBS International Women's Day this year with 400 international participants working on three cases: the Roskilde Festival, Danish Defence and Copenhagen Business School. Danish Winter Pride and the People's Political Festival at Bornholm have also hosted labs, along with the Nordic Equality Project in Sweden and Finland.
"We see a large interest in our new method and in the work for gender equality and diversity, especially from the business life", says Rebekka Mahler, Project Leader at KVINFO for the GenderLAB. "Our partners seek new ways of addressing the challenges by changing mindsets and cultures. And we can work very efficient with this creative and user-interactive method to challenge all those norms that are standing in the way", Rebekka Mahler says and adds, "it has become clear that especially many businesses and organizations have very ambitious goals for gender equality and inclusion."

SDG-goals as a focus
Working with the GenderLAB brings a natural focus on the UN Sustainable Development Goal number five for gender equality, both at a high and at a very practical level. "We are deeply involved i SDG5. Internationally through our programmes in the Middel East and in North Africa and also here in Denmark. We appeal to the new Danish government to make Denmark the first country in the world to fulfill the conditions for a complete gender equality", says Henriette Laursen.

Read more about the GenderLAB at KVINFO's website.

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