CBS participating in the Copenhagen Winter Pride


CBS Diversity & Difference Platform has engaged in the annual Copenhagen Winter Pride.


In February 2019, the CBS Diversity & Difference Platform has been part of the Copenhagen Winter Pride.

In collaboration with KVINFO, Platform member Jannick Friis Christensen has conducted a GenderLAB Workshop on norms, well-being and working place cultures. Approximately30 participants have developed new ways to address the complexities of gender equality and diversity by using design thinking with norm-critical insights. The LAB for Winter Pride was dedicated and designed to come up with new possible solutions to workplace issues regarding diversity, sexuality and gender. The workshop was a test-bed for the event on the International Women's Day 2019 where the GenderLAB will do their final workshop with an estimate of 500 participant. Read more about the International Women's Day in collaboration with KVINFO here.

On Friday evening the 8th, the CBS Pride Organizer Committee, the CBS Diversity & Difference Platform and CBS Students have celebrated the Winter Pride at CBS Nexus by hosting a party with over 400 guests. The evening entailed music by DJ f*cking Sara and five Drag performances.

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