Networks and projects

The Digital Transformations Platform collaborates with a wide array of academic, public and private partners. Here you will find examples of projects and networks within either an academic frame, in dissemination or in co-operation with governmental bodies, organisations and private companies.


The Platform is involved in the following activities:

  • Initializing and building up a cross-disciplinary Digital Transformations research environment at CBS with 40 platform members and academic affiliates and external stakeholders. 
  • Founding a strong international academic network developed through e.g. a visiting fellowship programme and platform visits to institutions like Royal Holloway and leading American universities. The platform has attracted stellar researches like Shoshana Zuboff (Harvard), Paul Leonardi (University of California) and Jeanne Ross (MIT) to CBS.
  • Actively contributing to key research conferences like AOM, EGOS (the latter with board representation, standing working group and CBS-reception). The platform will be hosting the Global Transparency Conference in 2021. 
  • Disseminating via news and events: a shared launch-event at CBS with Margrethe Vestager as keynote and featuring new media art, feature articles and columns in national newspapers, at the national campaign Forskningens Døgn, at Folkemødet, here at the international scene with the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UM) and winning the Science Slam. Through a strong presence in media and social media. Mikkel Flyverbom’s book: The Digital Prism was launched with a public debate.
  • Academic Director of the Transformations Platform Mikkel Flyverbom has been publishing a tech-column in Politiken since July 2018. You can find his articles listed here.
  • Besides the column, Mikkel has published two more articles in Danish newspapers:
  • 20.2.18: Tech-professor: Det er nu vi skal kæmpe hvis ikke Facebook og Google skal overtage verdensherredømmet
  • 6.5.18: Techprofessor Mikkel Flyverbom: Facebook og andre techgiganter har ramt en stor blind plet, når det gælder deres samfundsansvar (with Karin Buhmann
  • Represented in policy and governmental bodies like Data Ethics Council/Dataetisk Råd and DJØF’s TechDK-commission.
  • Collaborating with external institutions including The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (UM) and the Tech-Ambassador, and the Danish Institute for Human Rights and Mandag Morgen.
  • Advised by external steering committee member Lisbeth Knudsen from Mandag Morgen.
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