Smart buildings, digital transformations and COVID-19


How can digital transformations help improve the indoor health situation? CBS-researcher Lara Anne Hale explains how the current COVID-19 crisis gives new perspectives


Reseacher with the Digital Transformations Platform, Lara Anne Hale, is doing a study on smart, sustainable buildings, and together with the start-up Leapcraft she is currently working with Kokkedal School as a case: How does the indoor climate affect our health and how can smart systems help indicate the indoor health situation?

Lara explains how the current COVID-19 crisis is giving new perspectives:

‘In the pandemic era, health is a huge focus. Governments are recommending to open windows and air out buildings, and at the same time, starting to recognize that these are deeply ingrained behaviors that technology can assist with. While people have spent an inordinate amount of time in their homes, they become ever more aware of the significance of access to fresh air and exposure to daylight. Further, the government has announced a 30 billion DKK investment in climate-friendly building renovations.

Yet, how will this be implemented and what will be prioritized? Which organizations will spearhead these efforts, and how will it interrelate with global supply chains in transnational corporations? Digital transformations in the built environment are sure to have a massive influence on the renovation and modernization of Danish buildings, especially when energy and health metrics are demanded.’

Lara Anne Hale is Assistant Professor and postdoc researcher in the Department of Management, Society and Communications at CBS, focusing on the development of sustainability in the building sector. Her current project is an industrial postdoctoral fellowship with VELUX, CBS, and BLOXHUB on the topic of "Smart Buildings and Cities Business Model Innovation." It is supported by Innovationsfonden and Realdania.


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