Mikkel Flyverbom in new strategic advisory group for the Danish government

CBS-professor (MSO) Mikkel Flyverbom takes his seat in the newly formed 'Digital Partnership' advising the Danish government and with recommandations leading up to a new national strategy for digitalization in a post pandemic time with an urgent need for green transition. Flyverbom's voice will secure that digital responsibility in high on the ageda.


The advisory group will be working until fall 2021 with recommendations leading up to a new national strategy for a digital future.

The recommendations will be within these areas:

  • Future public sector
  • Future digital business and work
  • Facilitation of public-private partnerships and innovation
  • A datadriven society
  • Denmark in the future

Mikkel Flyverbom says:
'I am concerned about how we can create responsible digital transformations that will make us profit from technological possibilities while still conserving and developing the values core to our society. Controlling our digital future demands political agency at the highest level. Therefore, I am proud and happy that the Danish government has appointed me as a member of this group of top leaders, experts and labour market parties that will work together and by fall deliver recommendations to go into a new, national strategy for digitalisation for Denmark. It is of utmost importance that decisions about digitalisation and its role in society take their outspring in an understanding of the interplay between people and technology, and I will commit myself to this task with a focus on how to create a digital future with societal values, ethics and responsibility at its core.'

Read more about this in Danish and find links on our Danish web page.



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