Webinar: Competition Policy for the Digital Economy

Certain dynamics of the digital economy, including platforms and network effects, the rise of Big Tech, and the ever-increasing reliance on data are worrying competition enforcers around the globe – but which concerns are justified?


Monday, June 29, 2020 - 15:00 to 16:00

Picture: Matthew Henry, Unsplash.com

Are our antitrust laws up to the task to deal with possible competition problems arising in the digital economy?

Both affirmative and negative answers to this question are being defended vigorously in academic, policy, and practitioner circles.

In the course of last year, competition enforcers, policy think tanks, and lawmakers around the globe have published reports and draft bills addressing a range of possible competitive harms on digital markets.

While some see great danger from excessive antitrust interference, others argue for a reform of antitrust law to allow for more antitrust intervention or even ex-ante regulation of dominant digital platforms. And the debate continues…



John M. Yun engages with these issues in his recent paper Does Antitrust Have Digital Blind Spots?

He will present the paper in the first half of the webinar. Germain Gaudin will open the discussion followed by audience Q&A in the second half of the webinar.

Speaker: John M. Yun, Associate Professor of Law and Director of Economic Education at the Global Antitrust Institute, George Mason University.



Discussant: Germain Gaudin, Assistant Professor, Copenhagen Business School, Department of Economics


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