Business in Society platforms

The Business in Society (BiS) Platforms are CBS’ concept for engaging in knowledge production based on context-driven, problem-focused and interdisciplinary research that deals with complex societal and business problems.


Diversity and Difference
Digital Transformations Research Platform

BiS platforms are cross-disciplinary research, education and outreach initiatives, and they draw upon and mobilize the full range of expertise within CBS in order to address a number of societal challenges. The role of the BiS platforms is to facilitate, initiate and support the development of research, teaching and outreach activities. The platforms are working to strengthen ties with CBS’ existing partners as well as developing new strategic partnerships. 

BiS Platforms have a time horizon of 5 years, i.e. they are CBS funded for 5 years with regular evaluation of performance and success criteria.

CBS funds the following BiS platforms:

Diversity and Difference Platform
The purpose of the Diversity & Difference BiS Platform is to consolidate, advance and disseminate research on diversity and difference in order to make CBS a central hub for international diversity and difference research as well as a center of expertise that can assist policy makers, business leaders and government representatives in complex matters of diversity and its management. The platform’s members will among other things be covering the following thematic areas: 1) Culture and Language, 2) Gender and Sexuality, 3) Migration and Integration, 4) Leadership and the Professions, 5) Education and 6) Teams and Networks.

Academic directors: Florence Villeseche (Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy), Sara Louise Muhr (Department of Organization)
Involved departments: Department of Digitalization, Department of International Economics and Management, Department of Management, Society, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, and Communication and Department of Organization.

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Inequality Platform
Economic inequality is rising in many countries throughout the world through for example increasing differences between the top and the bottom of the income distribution. While some degree of inequality can create incentives for work, innovation, and entrepreneurship, it is increasingly recognised that inequality may also have a dark side which potentially undermines economic growth, leads to mass migration across borders, harms upward social mobility etc. The Inequality Platform addresses the causes and consequences of inequality at a Danish, European, and global level in dimensions relating to companies (e.g., wages, working conditions, and employment), economics (e.g., labour markets, health, and migration), and politics (e.g. EU regulations and redistributive politics).

Academic directors: Mogens Kamp Justesen (Department of Business and Politics) & Birthe Larsen (Department of Economics)
Involved departments: Department of Business and Politics, Department of Economics, Department of International Economics and Management, and Department of Management, Society and Communication

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Digital Transformations Platform
The BiS Transformations Platform focuses on the implications of digital and other technological developments for economic and societal transformations. The platform aims to bring together CBS researchers and external partners in exploring issues such as organisational transformations in the digital age, transformations of business models, technology and socio-economic transformations, knowledge production and digital transformations and digital transformations in media and communications. By supporting initiatives across research, funding, teaching and outreach, the platform will give momentum to CBS’ engagement with the opportunities and challenges posed by digital transformations.

Academic directors: Mikkel Flyverbom (Department of Management, Society and Communication), Ioanna Constantiou (Department of Digitalization)
Involved departments: Department of Digitalization, Department of Management, Society and Communication, Department of Business and Politics, Department of Marketing, Department of Organization, Department of Economics and Department of Innovation and Organizational Economics
The new BiS platforms commenced their activities on 1 January 2018 and will run for a five-year period.

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Maritime Platform
The oceans and seas are fundamental to trade and globalization and provide a central livelihood for an increasing number of countries and regions, and hence an essential part of our wealth and human welfare. Besides from the shipping and fishing industries there are rapidly developing maritime industries, involving the production of food, energy and minerals and magnifying the external costs of maritime activities. In addition to such seaside activities the maritime context involves a number of important land-based industries and logistics nodes linking land and sea.

CBS Maritime is committed to addressing the big question of how to achieve parallel economic and social progress in the maritime context from a shared value creation perspective. The latter is founded on the premise that companies need a healthy society just as much as society needs healthy companies. CBS Maritime aims to strengthen a maritime focus at CBS and create the foundation for CBS as a stronger partner for the broad maritime industry as well as for other universities and research institutions, in Denmark and abroad.

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Previous BiS platforms
Sustainability Platform: 2011-2016. The platform continues activities funded by three departments from CBS (DBP, MSC & MPP). Now named CBS Sustainability.

Public-Private Platform: 2011-2016. Continues their activities funded by five departments from CBS (IOA, MPP, LAW, MSC and DBP). Now named CBS Public-Private.

Entrepreneurship Platform: 2013-2017. Entrepreneurship is still a focus area at CBS alongside Innovation (CBS’ Strategic Transformational Initiative Entrepreneurship & Innovation).

Competitiveness Platform: 2013-2017. CBS Competitiveness continues as a network.

All externally financed projects will continue throughout 2018.

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