CBS at Science in the City Festival


The Science in the City 2014, which ran from the 21st -26th of June, offered many interesting presentations and events from educational institutions and companies from across Denmark. CBS was of course represented at the festival, and throughout the week you could see the bridge-building universe of CBS unfold under the old roof beams of the old Carlsbergbyen


CBS at the Science in the City Festival

"I found the exhibition very visually appealing. It's an interesting way of disseminating the problems within fashion and sustainability. I appreciate the short and precise statements about problems but also information to the consumer how you can do better."

Majken Overgaard – Senior Consultant at the Technical University of Denmark on the CBS Sustainability Platform at Science in the City

“I was shocked when I learned how much the fashion industry is killing the Earth every day. And how much I'm killing the Earth. I think I have 5 pairs of jeans and if it's 3000 kilo of water for every kilo of cotton? What could I do to refashion my everyday life and my habits to decrease the effect that I have."

Charlotte Lehman – Project Manager for CBS at Science in the City on the MISTRA Future Fashion Project

The Science in the City 2014, which ran from the 21st -26th of June, offered many interesting presentations and events from educational institutions and companies from across Denmark. CBS was of course represented at the festival, and throughout the week you could see the bridge-building universe of CBS unfold under the old roof beams of the old Carlsbergbyen

The CBS stand offered, in line with this year's overall theme of "Science Building Bridges", a 20 meter long bridge from where you could view a Bayeux-inspired tapestry covering the financial crisis. Several centers from CBS were represented with a lounge area underneath the bridge, where visitors could learn about their work. Besides the bridge, CBS’ Sustainability Platform and MISTRA Future Fashion had set up projects, which encouraged visitors to actively examine their spending habits. The stand also housed a pale green Coffee Trolley from Kalle’s Coffee, which served organic coffee during the festival. The coffee could be brought to one of the sofas groups, which were made of raw recycled materials

The Science in the City Festival was conducted in connection with the major science conference Euroscience Open Forum in Copenhagen. Attendance for the festival reached 38.000 during the six days

Activities and Events

At the Science in the City, CBS presented a variety of events, lectures and exhibitions, including, "Science Slam" with Standup Comedian Lasse Rimmer as the host. Here researchers from CBS, DTU and the University of Copenhagen competed in the difficult art of Research Dissemination in front of a critical audience

FRIC - Centre for Financial frictions
On the opening day, David Lando, the head of FRIC, held a lecture on the financial crisis. FRIC was also represented physically throughout the six days, and visitors could seek information about everything related to the financial crisis- and community. FRIC was also the center behind the large tapestry that adorned the end wall, and which illustrated the trajectory of the financial crisis. The tapestry is available online here

"Participation in the Science in the City festival gave FRIC the opportunity to communicate their research to a wider audience. The FRIC-tapestry and themes we presented in our lounge area (disseminated through posters and video recordings with David Lando), gave the audience an understanding of the mechanisms underlying a financial crisis. David also conducted a lecture called 'Why regulation can’t curtail Crises' "

Ida Willumsen – Center Coordinator for FRIC

CSE - Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship
CSE was physically present in a lounge under the big bridge, and took part in arranging a Danish version of Dragon's Den. This is a competition, where startups and entrepreneurs try to secure investments by pitching their ideas to investors. All week CSE was ready with advice and help for budding entrepreneurs with bright ideas

At the Science in the City festival, CSE got an opportunity to show the audience what activities are unfolding daily in our 1000m2 premises on CBS. We challenged and encouraged the festival guests to develop their own exciting ideas, and subsequently produce creative prototypes, while our own CSE startups presented their business concepts, products and answered questions about entrepreneurship. "

Sandra Birch Møller – Project Coordinator CSE

Case Competitions

CBS 'participation in international Case Competitions was represented at the Science in the City- including of course CBS's own Case Competitions which takes place every year in Week 9. Case Competitions at the festival included an event with the Director of the Copenhagen Zoo, Steffen Stræde, as the Zoo was this year's case company on CBS. Case Competitions was present throughout the week to talk about the possibilities of participating, what is required of the students, and why you conduct hold these types of competitions in the first place

"At the  festival, we met many interested festival goers - both Danish students and international conference guests. Also, many primary school children found their way to the festival, and several school classes showed interest and curiosity. There is no doubt that our participation at the festival has contributed to a broader understanding of what is actually going on at a business school ,and it gave a more detailed picture of the life of a business school which also offers lots of fun and an inclusive Community, alongside the challenges, dedication and hard work. "

Helle Bévort - Project Manager at Case Competitions at Science in the City

Sustainability Platform
CBS 'Sustainability Platform was present with two projects at the CBS stand during the festival: "From Rio to Roskilde" and MISTRA Future Fashion (MFF). From Rio to Roskilde illustrated how the same, sustainable solutions can be used by both festival-goers and refugees through the construction of temporary shelters, while MFF is an international research program which works to promote sustainability in the textile and fashion industry. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries in the world and also has major problems with social responsibility. On the basis of their participation in the festival, MFF has received requests from various people, including the suggestion to establish a partnership for the development of teaching materials in sustainability for Danish elementary schools

“The sustainability challenges in the fashion industry call for systemic changes. The dominant business models within the fashion industry are unsustainable by nature and current CSR/sustainability initiatives have limited impact and bear resemblance to rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Therefore, it is important to explore new and more radical approaches to sustainable fashion. Hopefully, the exhibition provided the visitors with useful information about the scope and scale of the social/environmental problems facing the fashion industry.”    

Esben Rahbek Gjerdrum Pedersen - Director CBS CSR and Project Manager on MISTRA Project 1

Those people involved in the CBS stand at the Science in the City would like to thank everyone in attendance for a great week!

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