Session on Pragmatism and Empiricism

Join CBS Public-private Platform and out cluster on Markets and Valuation when the third 2015-2016 meeting takes place.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016 - 10:00 to 12:00

Tuesday March 8th will be the third 2015-2016 meeting of CBS-Private Public Platform’s Markets and Valuation Cluster.

The topic of the session is pragmatism and empiricism as stances and methods to study markets. The readings we will discuss at the meeting are: Charles Peirce: "What pragmatism is", (The Monist (1905): 161-181, and Bas Van Fraassen “Lecture 2: What is empiricism and what could it be?”(in The empirical stance, Yale University Press, pp. 34-60.


The seminar is free and open for participation, but it is expected that participants have read the circulated material. To attend, please write to Rasmus Ploug Jenle ( to receive the readings.

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