Accreditation in Health care

On April 30 the Center for Health Management invites for a go-home meeting on accreditation in health care. Professor and General Practitioner Frans Boch Waldorff will focus on accreditation in general practice and present a project which evaluates this accreditation. Ivar Friis, Associate Professor at CBS will present theoretical perspectives on accreditation in general and comment on the evaluation design.

Thursday, April 30, 2015 - 15:30 to 17:00

On April 30 the Center for Health Management invites for a go-home meeting on accreditation in health care. The meeting will center around a specific research project, called AKAIP,  which evaluates accreditation in general practice.


Background for AKAIP project

From 2016 and onwards general practice will be accredited via the Danish Healthcare Quality Programme (DDKM - Den Danske Kvalitetsmodel).  It consists of 16 standards within the areas of Quality and Patient Safety, Critical Patient Safety Standards, the Good Patient Care and Leadership and Organization.

The overall purpose of the evaluation project is to create new knowledge about the implementation and possible effects – intentional as well as unintentional – of introducing DDKM. Internationally, accreditation is a widespread tool for quality control in the healthcare sector – a sector where a vast amount of resources are allocated worldwide to developing and implementing. Despite of this, there are only a few high-quality scientific studies that evaluate the effects of accreditation on central areas such as clinical targets, organizational circumstances and patient satisfaction. More systematic reviews therefore point towards an unambiguous need for scientific studies to shed light on the effects of accreditation in different parts of the health sector including general practice.

The evaluation project is a collaboration between the Research Units for General Practice in Copenhagen, Århus and Odense under the leadership of Professor and General Practitioner Frans Boch Waldorff, University of Southern Denmark. The five sub-projects  investigate the doctors’ a priori positions and expectations to accreditation, scheduled and completed implementing activities, how accreditation affects practice, general effects of accreditation, and developing evidence based tools to implementing DDKM in the general practice.


15.30-15.35: Welcome by Susanne Boch Waldorff, Associate Professor, CBS
15.35-16.15: Presentation 1: ’How Is Accreditation Organized and How Is Evaluation Approached?’ by Frans Boch Waldorff, General Practitioner and Professor, KU
16.15-16.40: Presentation 2: ’Theory of the Concept of Accreditation’ and comments on the project by Ivar Friis, Associate Professor, CBS
16.40-17.00: Open discussion
17.00-17.30: Drinks and networking

The meeting is opne, but please sign up via:

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