Public-Private relations

The CBS Public-Private aims to become the requisite knowledge centre in Denmark for the analysis of public-private relations. The wish is to rethink Public-Private relations and to mobilize new actors to explore and solve pressing policy problems.


The CBS Public-Private Platform

The CBS Public-Private engages in partnerships in order to shed light on common areas of interest.
The CBS Public-Private supports different sorts of initiatives and helps facilitate them.
Several local keynotes visits the CBS Public-Private at an ongoing basis.
The CBS Public-Private invites experts from abroad to share knowledge!

CBS Public-Private

Through a combination of interdisciplinary research, teaching and public engagement this initiative aims to help mobilize, foster and develop society wide solutions to pressing matters of public concern. The goal is to initiate dialogue across the traditional divides between public and private thus facilitating the creation of novel forms of diagnosis and intervention. The Public-Private acts as a requisite knowledge centre bringing a unique range of interdisciplinary expertise to bear upon the shifting terrain of public-private relations.


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