Ongoing / concluded projects

Here you can read more about the projects that we support or have supported. If you are looking for financial support for your competitiveness-related initiative, you can approach us at any time during the year - even in between calls.

CBS Competitiveness currently supports the following initiatives:



The use of Stage-Gate management system for improved productivity Name(s) of applicant(s): John K. Christensen (OM) and Claus J. Varnes (OM).
Institutions and competitiveness: The impact of institutions on external knowledge acquisition and innovation performance  Name(s) of applicant(s): Wolfgang Sofka (SMG) and Christoph Grimpe (INO).
Global trends in the offshoring of R&D (working title) Name(s) of applicant(s): Stine Jessen Haakonson (DBP) and Peter Ørberg Jensen (SMG).
Workshop on the building/unbundling of innovation activities in Danish MNCs Name(s) of applicant(s): Michael W. Hansen (ICM) and Peter Wad (ICM).
A theoretical and empirical investigation of the boundaries of the firm and organizational decision-making  Name(s) of applicant(s): Magdalena Dobrajska (SMG), Marcus M. Larsen (SMG) and Jörg Claussen (INO).
Impact of Brand Design on Competitive Performance of Danish Firms  Name(s) of applicant(s): Tore Kristensen (MARKTG), Marta Gasparin (OM),  Gürsel Ilipinar (MARKTG).
When globalization hits home. Mobilizing effects in national innovation networks Name(s) of applicant(s): Björn Jindra (INT), Stine Jessen Haakonson (DBP) and Susana Borrás (DBP).
Leveraging Social Media in an Organizational Context: How does social media strengthen competitiveness of Danish firms?  Name(s) of applicant(s): Liana Razmerita (IBC) and Ravi Vatrapu (ITM).
THE HEALTH CARE TOTAL RELIEF THINK TANK (HECTOR) Hector is a think tank dedicated to the strategic, managerial and organizational challenges of changing business models in the health care industry, including pharmaceutical, life science and medical business. Follow the link to find more information on about HECTOR
Are Markets for Technology an Opportunity or Threat for the Competitiveness of Danish High-Tech Firms? Name(s) of applicant(s): Francesco Di Lorenzo (SMG) and Valentina Tartari (INO)
ARLA Teaching Case Name(s) of applicant(s): Jacobo Ramirez (ICM)
Design in Business Name(s) of applicant(s): Marta Gasparin (OM), John Christiansen (OM)
Development Network for HR Analysts Name(s) of applicant(s): Dana Minbaeva (SMG) and Larissa Rabbiosi (INT)
Performance Management for Competitiveness - Case studies from Danish Practices Name(s) of applicant(s): Allan Hansen (OM), Lise Justesen (IOA), Carsten Rohde (ACC)
Senior Manager Network Survey & Workshop Name(s) of applicant(s): Olga Zarzecka (SMG), Marie Louise Mors (SMG), Jacob Jeppesen (INO)



Big Data for a Small Language: Establishing the Business Impact of Danish Language Technology Name(s) of applicant(s): Daniel Hardt (ITM), Torben Juul Andersen (INT) and Peter Juel Henrichsen (IBC). Summary: Business Cases: Workshops on Big
Data and Language Technology
Seed money for establishing the center for “HR Analytics” at CBS (non-for-profit organization) Name(s) of applicant(s): Larissa Rabbiosi (INT) and Dana Minbaeva (MSO). Summary: Human Capital Analytics
The geographic relocation of Headquarters activities – the role of efficiency and institutional factors Name(s) of applicant(s): Phillip Nell (SMG) and Lars Håkanson (INT). Summary: International Relocations of Headquarters to from and within Scandinavia
Germany in Danish Business Research
Name(s) of applicant(s): Georg Ringe (JUR). Summary: Report
Surmounting Knowledge Gaps in Distant Markets
Name(s) of applicant(s):Mette Zølner (ICM) and Lisbeth Verstraete-Hansen (IBC). Summary: Report
Red Helmet Teaching Case 
Name(s) of applicant(s): 
Rasmus Ulslev Pedersen (ITM), Ivan Häuser (ITM), Thomas Sørensen (ITM), Ioanna Constantiou (MakeThisWork Aps), Gösta Schwarck (MAN) and Szymon Furtak (MAN). Summary: Report
Competing on Speed: The 2015 Copenhagen Business School Symposium on High-Frequency Trading 
Name(s) of applicant(s): 
Ann-Christina Lange (MPP), Christian Borch (MPP) and Søren Hvidkjær (FI). Summary: Report
Meetings Across Mindsets: Navigating Contexts of Culture and Language as a Key to International Business Success Name(s) of applicant(s): Alex Klinge (IBC), Michael Jakobsen (INT) and Mette Zølner (IKL)
UMAMI Meeting: Preparation for a large scale grant for the Innovation Fund Denmark Name(s) of applicant(s): Fumiko Kano Glückstad (IBC), Alexander Josiassen (MARKTG). Summary: Report
Sales Innovation Name(s) of applicant(s): Jens Geersbro (MARKTG) & Thomas Ritter (SMG). White Papers: "Main Challenges in Sales" & "Sales Effectiveness"
Assessing the cost, value and competitiveness effects of using suppliers and supply networks. Name(s) of applicant(s): Kim Sundtoft Hald (OM). Presentation: Presentation
The Latin America Business Forum Name(s) of applicant(s): Michael W. Hansen (ICM) and Jacobo Ramirez (ICM). Report: Report
HCA Research Insights: Translating Research in Practice Name(s) of applicant(s): Dana Minbaeva (SMG) and Larissa Rabbiosi (INT). Report: Report
Board Dynamics and the Effects on Firm Competitiveness Name(s) of applicant(s): Marie Louise Mors (SMG) and Sabina Nielsen (INT). Report: Report
HCA Cluster 2015 Name(s) of applicant(s): Dana Minbaeva (SMG) and Larissa Rabbiosi (INT). Report: Report
Servitization as a Strategy for Competitiveness and Productivity of Danish Firms Name(s) of applicant(s): Juliana Hsuan (OM) and Thomas Frandsen (OM). Read more: Link


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