Call for applications

The CBS Maritime Platform supports a wide range of initiatives across CBS departments and disciplines. We are currently calling out for new initiatives and would like to receive your application!

Handelsflådens Velfærdsråds Fotokonkurrence 2013 - Stefan Olsson Wandel
Foto: Stefan Olsson Wandel, Handelsflådens Velfærdsråds Fotokonkurrence, 2013

As a Business in Society (BiS) platform at CBS we continuously support activities by CBS Faculty related to advancing research, teaching and outreach in the maritime area. This includes covering expenses for workshops, seminars, travel, salary for research or student assistance, acquisition of data, and visiting faculty. In order to have your application evaluated, it must represent two or more departments at CBS.

In order to have your application favored, it should be made explicit in which sense the initiative:
•    contributes to value-creation in the maritime area
•    comprises cross-departmental activities
•    includes a dissemination dimension where results are communicated broadly
•    proposes activities that would not take place without the support from the platform

Please note that the platform only supports the planning and development of new initiatives, i.e., provides seed money. This means that we do not compensate faculty by internal buyout (frikøb). Neither do we support travel expenses for CBS employees that would otherwise be covered by the departments, nor annual conferences or workshops (that would take place anyway), but rather the development of new workshops.

Please download and fill out the application form and e-mail your application, along with any possible questions to

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