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The Nordic Supermodels: New Book on Nordic Administrative Reforms

New book explores why the Nordic countries have seemed so successful in their approach to the public sector. One of the editors of the book is CBS researcher Carsten Greve.

Nordic Administrative Reforms – Lessons for Public Management
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The story of the rise and fall of EAC

One day in late March 2015 a major flagship of Danish business and industry closed its doors for the last time. With unlimited access to the company’s archives, professor and business historian Martin Iversen’s recounts what went wrong in Scandinavian’s largest international company in his new book, “Vision: EAC, Denmark and the world”.

Udsyn – ØK, Danmark og verden
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Inadequacy pushes consumers toward alternative dietary lifestyles

Alternative dietary lifestyles are shooting up everywhere going against official dietary recommendations and bypassing traditional food brands. Researchers believe, however, that there is huge market potential in alternative dietary lifestyles if the food industry would just wake up.The new book Milestones in European Housing Finance provides evidence on how housing finance markets developed across Europe.

You are what you eat – and the company you keep
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