Call for Applications

The Competitiveness Platform supports a wide range of competitiveness initiatives across CBS departments and disciplines. At the moment we are calling out for initiatives - therefore we would like to receive your application!

Call for Competitiveness Related Initiatives

The CBS Competitiveness Platform is pleased to support competitiveness initiatives across CBS departments and disciplines – we are now calling out for competitiveness related initiatives.

 We have received many applications already. Therefore we highlight that those applications that will be favoured:

  • make explicit how the initiative is contributing to the competitiveness of Danish firms
  • comprise cross-departmental activities
  • include a dissemination dimension where results are communicated broadly
  • propose activities that would not take place without the support from the platform

Read more about the initiatives that are supported by the platform.

This Platform is formed as a response to the ongoing societal discussion on how we can strengthen the competitiveness of Danish firms in a global context. The platform is able to support activities related to research, teaching and outreach, including expenses on workshops, seminars, travel, salary for research or student assistance, acquisition of data, and visiting faculty. However, please note that the platform is not allowed to compensate faculty by internal buyout (frikøb) and we usually don’t support travel expenses for CBS employees that would otherwise be covered by the departments.

The intention is not to fund the operation of research projects or teaching courses, but to support planning and development of new initiatives i.e. seed money. In the same way the platform will not support annual conferences or workshops (that would take place anyway), but only development of new workshops etc.

Please use the application form below and send it to Applicants will receive an answer to their application shortly after.

Apply for funding - Application form (.PDF)


Please, don't hesitate to contact the Competitiveness Platform if you need any further clarification:

Professor, Academic Director, Christer Karlsson,  (phone: 38 15 23 87)

Professor, Academic Director, Thomas Ritter, (phone: 38 15 21 21)

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