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Competitiveness on the agenda

Competitiveness is a major issue: The competitiveness of firms in a rapidly developing global competition is of paramount importance for the society and its development. Therefore, CBS is making major investments in developing research, education and enhancing public debate and understanding in the complex field of what makes firms competitive.

How do we contribute?

The CBS Competitiveness Platform supports both ongoing activities and new initiatives to research, education and dissemination related to different perspectives on firm competitiveness. By pooling knowledge on the area we not only enrich the teaching and research further, but we also make a concerted effort to take active part in and influence the public debate on firm competitiveness with new intriguing insights. In short, the platform brings knowledge and ideas to business firms and to society as a whole.

Who are we?

The CBS Competitiveness Platform is led by the two Academic Directors - Professor Christer Karlsson and Professor Thomas Ritter. They are supported by Project Manager Christina Merolli Poulsen.

Christer Karlsson, Christina Merolli Poulsen, Thomas Ritter


"Being a part of the Competitiveness Platform has been a great experience for the Human Capital Analytics Group. The Platform's early support has been instrumental in developing the long-term sustainability of our project. In addition to the financial support we received, the Platform has helped us to increase our visibility as an organization through publicizing our events and work on their blog and newsletter".
- Dana Minbaeva, Professor in Strategic and Global HRM, Department of Strategic Management and Globalization

"I approached CBS Competitiveness Platform to support an interdisciplinary event on German/Danish business research, together with the Danish/German Association for Industry and Trade. The goal was to involve different areas of research present at CBS, from business, management, law, politics, to organizational economics. The Platform was extremely supportive in all parts of the event planning, and organized the event in a very professional and engaging way.
I found the collaboration extremely helpful, and I would recommend CBS Competitiveness Platform to anyone wishing to present their research to a broader audience and to reach out to the society interested in business research".
- Georg Ringe, Professor of International Commercial Law, Law Department

"The support of the Competitiveness Platform has been vital for the establishment of our event on high-frequency trading. The event was a collaboration between the department of management, politics and philosophy, the department of finance and the Danish bankers association. The platform contributed with a crucial part of the funding. The help of the competitiveness team was incredible. All the practicalities involved in organizing such an event were taken care of in the most professional manner. It made the day itself appear much more professional then we could ever have done ourselves."
Ann-Christina Lange, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy

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