Leadership Blue Ribbon

The Leadership Blue Ribbon Initiative features leadership knowledge and education at CBS. The initiative emphasizes our ambition to discover new opportunities for society by combining business economics with deep understanding of societal challenges.



The Leadership Blue Ribbon initiative gathers and mobilises research and teaching power within the leadership area across CBS departments and programmes. The ribbon metaphor signals the effort of tying things together, reaching out to society, and inspiring brave collective actions to solve societal challenges and exploit new opportunities.

Leadership is the purposeful and balanced capacity to make things occur that would otherwise not happen. By setting direction, involving people, and distributing agency, leadership is key to value creation and well-being in Danish companies and organisations. In order to answer complex societal challenges and big questions, excellent and responsible leadership is necessary across fields and disciplines.

Combining business economics with deep understanding of societal challenges, CBS equips future leaders to set direction and create responsible results through others and in collaboration. The Leadership Blue Ribbon is a window to leadership knowledge and programmes at CBS. It will also become a distributed and continuously updated meeting place for leaders and leadership development in Denmark and beyond.

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