Succesful partnership between CBS and CPH:DOX

CBS' partnership with the international documentary festival CPH:DOX was an audience magnet! More than 13.000 have up until now been following the three debates during the DOX:SCIENCE programme, where Academic Directors from CBS' interdisciplinary research platforms on Diversity, Inequality and Digital Transformations contributed to vivid discussions on global grand challenges. If you hurry, you can still see the opening documentary Solutions on the big screen - and in any case you can still watch the debates online.


13.000 have followed the debates with CBS researchers at CPH:DOX - and counting.

Again this year the documentary festival had to shift their programme to online because of Covid-19, but now you actually have a small window to go to Cinemateket in Copenhagen to watch the opening documentary Solutions on the big screen. Find out more at CPH:DOX. 

And in any case you can (re-)visit the debates here:

The DOX:SCIENCE programme opened with a debate on the documentary Solutions, where economist Birthe Larsen, Academic Director of the Inequality Platform, and Mikkel Flyverbom, Professor with special responsibilities and Academic Director of the Digital Transformations Platform, contributed to a debate on global grand challenges with expert colleagues and the director of the movie, find the debate here.

 Mikkel og Birthe


Mikkel Flyverbom also threw himself into the debate on the controversal issue on human intelligence vs. AI, all as a backdrop to the documentary The Brain. Follow the debate, that took place at Politikens Pressen, here.




Finally, Sara Louise Muhr, Professor with special responsibilites and Academic Director of the Diversity and Difference Platform contributed to the debate on gender equality in science after the screening of The Hunt for Planet B.

Find the debate here.



Find more information about this year's CBS partnership with CPH:DOX here.


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