Professor Mogens Kamp Justesen in the expert committee for DI

Co-director of the CBS Inequality Platform, Professor Mogens Kamp Justesen, is in the expert committee for the DI Prize this year. The theme this year is Equality at Work, and prize will go to a company among the members of Danish Industry that can inspire and help reinforce societal cohesion after COVID-19.


The DI prize 2021 will go to a company which has put in an extra effort to create equal opportunities in the workplace - among others equal opportunities across ethnicities, race, age, seniority, gender and diabilities. The expert committee has been selected for exactly this purpose and Mogens Kamp Justesen, professor within the area of inequality and democracy, is accompanied by fellow judges with diverse background such as former economic scholar, Nina Smith, Steen Hildebrand for the SDG-area and director for the "Mind Your Own Businesss" organisation, whose purpose is to motivate young boys from vulnerable areas to seek for their place in the labormarket or an education. 

The award is DI's members recognition of another member company and as DI writes: 'The corona crisis has helped strenghten our cohesion, when we as citizens have shown community spirit, when companies have taken responsibility, or when we have found solutions together. But the crisis has also given rise to division where it has split our views on state power, lockdowns, restrictions, vaccines. Furthermore the crisis has highlighted some of the threats to our cohesion that we were already working on before the crisis: Gender equality, growing divisions between the country side and urban areas, and social and economic biases throughout society. The path to strengthened coherence is cooperation when working towards equal opportunities for everyone in the society. Real equality, regardless of it being in the education system or in the labor market. 

Read more about the prize in danish here

It is possible to apply for the prize until 28 May and it will be covered in the DI meeting 2021 LIVE 28 September 2021. 


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