Platform-contribution to OECD Forum 2018


The Difference and Diversity Platform with Academic Director Sara Louise Muhr and Platform-researches Sine Nørholm Just, and Minna Paunova represented the platform at the OECD Forum, which took place in Paris on May 29-30. 

The topic of this year’s Forum, “What Brings Us Together”, was highly pertinent to the activities of the platform. Minna Paunova spoke at the Food for Thought Lunch Debate: Leading Today: Are You a Giver, a Taker or a Matcher?  

All three platform scholars participated in an interactive IdeaFactory - Rebooting International Co-Operation: Transforming Today's Reality to a Vision for the Future, where invitees from the private sector, academia, international and civil societies organizations brainstormed towards a better future of international co-operation.

OECD Forum

Platform-members Minna Paunova, Sara Louise Muhr and Sine Nørholm Just at the OECD Forum 2018 in Paris.

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